What is Intimacy?

Why seek intimacy?

Because intimacy is the most important gift there is for being human. It creates a portal to see into oneself.

Why is intimacy love? Because intimacy is taking off the mask, and saying, ok, let’s go…here I am …Into-Me-I-See.

Yes, intimacy is letting it all be seen – no secrets, no lies, no illusions, no stories. This is me, naked and raw. Most people are afraid to be seen by others because they don’t want to see themselves. Truth is: we all have parts of ourselves we love and parts of ourselves we are not so proud of. That’s why we’re so scared to connect – because if we took off our masks and need to be perfect, we would have to reveal the truth – that oh no! – we are just spiritual beings having a human experience. Being human means we are ALL perfectly imperfect works of art. We ALL have areas that could use improvement and areas where we rock.

The whole reason we are on Earth is to learn and grow. How can we do this if we are not honest about who we are and what is so with our intimates? How can we grow if we do not share our honest truth with our intimates so they can call us out when we are not being in our highest? How can we grow if we are so busy defending our position and why we did what we did that we are unable to hear how we make others feel? How can we have deep connection if we are not raw, vulnerable and real with our intimates?

When you find someone with whom you feel connection – friend, ally, lover – opening to intimacy is saying, “Here I am. See me and I will see you. Connect with me as I connect with you.” It is the ultimate act of respect, kindness, and honoring – of yourself and others. It is saying: I will not hide from love. I am open and available to love. I surrender to love.
Intimacy is where the magic happens – when sex feels ecstatic beyond worlds, where just being alive feels extraordinary, as it never has before. Intimacy is what makes it worth it to be alive in a body. Intimacy is also what allows us to quantum leap energetically– because it allows us to see what we cannot see in ourselves. Intimacy is the mirror we have always needed to truly grow. Intimacy expresses the energy inherently inside of us to evolve, as we could not possibly do on our own. It makes visible the darkness, so that we may alchemize every aspect of our being into the light we truly are.
So welcome to our blog. Join us down the rabbit hole – the journey of Into-Me-I-See. There are so many treasures within you just waiting to be explored. We can’t wait to explore them with you. Many blessings. Namaste.